Our Coopers

We chose to raise 100% of Château Clarisse wine in wooden barrels, coming from different coopers.
Each barrel brings to the wine a particular taste and a different structure, which finds all their interest at the time of the assemblages.
We also varied the volume of the containers, from the barrel of 500 l to the lightning of 40 hl, in order to preserve the purest expression of the fruit.
Tonneau ANA selection
Nos tonneliers



TARANSAUD works exclusively with French oak, proven by Bureau Veritas. In the best French forest massifs, our buyers select with the utmost rigor the oaks that meet scrupulously the quality requirements of TARANSAUD.
Once the logs are selected, they are received in our slot workshops to be first transformed into ridges and then into staves. The log clearing is optimized by laser assistance, a system developed at Taransaud’s request. The quality of the wood, natural aging in the open air, the precision of the bousinage and the experience of our men are all factors To the wines raised in TARANSAUD barrels to assert their identity while respecting the fruit.



Merrandier from father to son for six generations, the Charlois family owns the Berthomieu / Ermitage cooperage. Located in the heart of France, in the forest of Bertranges, family merranderies and cooperage are 100% vertically integrated (from logging to barrel production). For the production of his barrels, thanks to his knowledge of the forest environment, the TONNELLERIE BERTHOMIEU and ERMITAGE orientate his purchases to specific forests. The possibility of choosing a forest is a very important distinction for a stamper.



Guided by the passion of cooperage, the Vicard family has developed a real production tool combining technological innovations and mastering the know-how of craft methods.

Vicard cooperage offers unique products (barrels, vats and / or barrels) that meet all the winemaking oenological requirements.


The Darnajou barrels were manufactured in 1958 by Pierre Darnajou, himself a grandson of Tonnelier. After a journey as a workman for the Etablissements Moueix and a competition for Meilleur Ouvrier de France, he created the Tonnellerie Darnajou 1976.In 1993 Vincent Darnajou, his son, joined the family business and in turn mounted his own workshop. In 2003, the two structures were united to form a single entity: the Tonnellerie Vincent Darnajou.


Atelier Centre France
La Tonnellerie Atelier Center France is born from the association of specialists passionate about the complementarity “wood and wine”, but also of meetings with great winegrowers in the world who encouraged this passion. Located in the heart of the most renowned forests, La Tonnellerie ideally meets all the qualitative criteria for the production of “tailor-made” barrels. Our approach is orchestrated around a qualitative supply of oak from the Center France region exclusively from the Allier region.


Franz Stockinger
Ses forces : 300 ans d’histoire, une sélection précise de bois nobles, des temps de séchage très longs et des chauffes les plus légères du marché.Le respect du temps et de la nature est un des axes majeurs de la philosophie Stockinger.
Les bois proviennent des meilleures régions forestières d’Autriche, d’Allemagne, de Hongrie et de Roumanie.
Les chênes sont coupés à la lune descendante, entre décembre et février où le bois est à sa densité maximale et où la sève s’est le plus retirée.


Olivia Le Calvez